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Friday, May 6, 2011

An Upbeat Song

Time for another song! Habibi Ya Nour Ain is a very well known song in the Mediterranean/Middle Eastern world.  This one is by singer Amr (needs to buy a vowel) Diab.  He does a lot of Arabic songs with a Spanish flair.

It’s different from the two songs I’ve already posted, in that:

·       It’s upbeat! 
·       It’s more of a folk song.
·       It’s more of a dance song (“It has a good beat and you can dance to it, Dick.”) 
·       It combines both the Spanish and Moorish influences on dance and music.  The guitar music sounds Spanish.  The “dancers” are dressed like Spanish gypsies, but they do both gypsy/flamenco and belly dance movements.   

I really like this video, although some may find it hokey.  I wish I were at that party.  Dancing, singing, laughing, a beautiful setting - the only thing missing is food!

Here’s a smidgen of background history: 

You may know that the Moors (Arabs) occupied Spain a long time ago, and their influence is still seen in Spanish architecture, in the arches, the iron scrollwork, etc.   You may also hear the similarities in music and singing styles between Spanish flamenco and traditional Middle Eastern music.  But you may not know that long ago, even before flamenco, there was a folk dance in Spain called zambra that is a combination of belly dance and flamenco dance.  The upper body, head, and arms are more in the flamenco style, and the hips and lower body are more like belly dance.  There is no foot stomping as in flamenco; it is danced barefoot.  This ancient folk dance is still danced in some areas of southern Spain at weddings and other festivities.   Check it out on YouTube if you’re interested. 

OK, end of history lesson.   Here’s the video.  I hope you like it.

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