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Friday, May 20, 2011

Help! I'm Stressed Out! Plus Bonus Belly Dance Tune by Nancy Ajram.

I feel like I’m being pulled in too many directions, all of my own doing.  It’s not a bad thing, just stressful at the moment.  I am crazy busy right now.  This little essay will not be very polished.  In fact, so far it’s not even grammatical (wrong usage of “like” in first sentence, but, oh well, that’s how people speak). 

So why am I so busy?  Several events are converging at once, all of them urgent and important.  As in:

·        The summer edition of the Bulverde Area Humane Society newsletter is due.  I’ve been working on it like mad.  It needs to go out YESTERDAY.

·        Belly dance performances are coming up.  This means rehearsals, more at-home work, practice performances (next week!), costume alterations and fittings.   

·        The blog must go on!  I continue to write and post daily, or almost daily. 

·        The digital copy of my book Where Are My Children? has to be finalized.  It was originally published in regular book format in 1992 (under my maiden name Cassie Kimbrough).  I bought software to create a digital form of it, and there it still sits in my computer.  I still need to correct the formatting.  This little chore is apparently necessary when converting a published book to a digital book.  And I need to do this while I still have free technical support from the software company.  I know I’ll need it. 

AND, on top of all that:

·        There’s still everyday life, relationships, chores, and other activities to keep up.  Like going to visit my husband’s uncle in the hospital.  Like attending a graduation party for the daughter of an old friend.  Like grocery shopping, eating, and feeding the dogs.    

So I’m a little stressed right now.  This blog is probably of no interest to anybody else.  I’m thinking on paper.  So forgive me this time.  I’ll make the next blog more interesting.  I just don’t have time today!

Here's a little music video I'll throw in for entertainment.  It's a good belly dance tune, plus it's happy and upbeat, as weddings should be.  The singer is Nancy Ajram.  (Notice the belly dancer in red - it's common to have belly dancers at weddings as part of the festivities.)

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