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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More about the Elvis Museum in Los Fresnos, Texas

In yesterday’s blog, I mentioned touring Little Graceland, the eccentric Elvis museum in Los Fresnos, Texas.  When we drove past it on our way to South Padre Island, it just screamed, “You gotta see this!”  I thought it was one of those off-the-radar places that nobody knew about.  Not so.  It’s actually rather well known in some quarters.  For instance: 

·        It has been featured on the TV show Texas Country Reporter, hosted by Bob Phillips, who travels the state looking for offbeat places and people to feature.  I want his job.

·        It’s featured in Texas Monthly’s bucket list of 63 must-see places in Texas. 

·        The magazine Texas Highways features Little Graceland every year on the anniversary of The King’s death, or maybe it's on his birthday.

·        Simon Vega, the owner and creator of the museum, hosts an Elvis festival twice a year, on the dates of his birth and death.  Elvis impersonators come from all over the country to compete.  The festival offers food, drink, prizes, and entertainment.   

·        Supposedly, it’s the 6th most visited home museum in the U.S., next to the White House, Monticello, Mount Vernon, Lincoln’s log cabin, and someplace else I can’t recall.  Frankly, I’m doubtful about the accuracy of that claim.  What about all the old Southern mansions that are now museums?  What about the former homes of writers and statesmen and other famous folk? 

One last tidbit about Little Graceland.  Simon had bathrooms built outside for the visiting public, marking them “Elvis” for the men and “Priscilla” for the women.  (That’s me outside Priscilla, proudly wearing my Save the Ridley Turtle t-shirt).  But what really got me was the sign inside the ladies’ room.  Check it out.  Does that not say it all or what? 

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