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Friday, March 4, 2011

No Flogging

Some days it is just not possible to post a blog.  I'm not going to flog myself if I miss a day.  This morning I worked frenziedly on the humane society newsletter (almost done!) then drove to town for my dance class.  Today we learned a few seconds more of Miss K's choreography to "El Sekka El Ghalat."  "El Sekka" is a rap song in Arabic, and you can actually find it on iTunes.  In the unlikely event there's more than one version, this one is sung by Jad Choueiri.  (I couldn't find "Jemilleh" on iTunes, which sorely needs to beef up its Middle Eastern repertoire.)  I can't honestly say I like the song "El Sekka," plus it's fiendish to dance to.  It gets slow, then speeds up maniacally, then slows down again.  Miss K, however, likes it so much she's going to dance it with us in the "recital." 

This afternoon I went to the shelter to spend some time with the little dachshund mixes.  They are so shy and need gentle human contact to lose some of their fear.  Hans and Franz came up to me and hung around the whole time I was there.  They climbed into my lap to eat morsels of Swiss cheese out of my hand.  Franz then decided he wanted to chew on my flip flops, then nibbled my toes.  The other two, Fritz and Beethoven, didn't even venture out of their doggie door.  People who are cruel to animals--they are the ones who should be flogged. 

Now it's after 5 o'clock and I need to get ready for tonight.  We have tickets to the local dinner theater, next door to Earl's Towing.  The theater is, in fact, owned and operated by Earl's wife.  I've never met her, but it's hard to imagine that Earl would be married to a woman who runs a dinner theater.  He's a crusty old guy.  This should be interesting.  Stay tuned.  

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