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Friday, February 18, 2011

Starting Out

I’ve decided to start a blog: The Belly Dance Diaries.  I’ve never written a blog before.  I’ve been thinking about doing a blog for months, but finally decided to just do it.  Even though I don’t know anything about writing a blog, I’m just going to jump in and start one.  This is completely against my nature.  Usually I research something to death until I lose interest, get distracted with something else, or otherwise move on.  I’m determined this time to get started on a project instead of letting it languish and die.
Why now?  Well, for one thing, I’ve found a Topic.  I don’t want to just blog about random ruminations, although some people do that very well.  I want to have a theme of some kind.  So I asked myself, What am I really excited about now?  The answer:  belly dancing, which I just started a few months ago.  That’s my topic, my clothesline, if you will, to pin my thoughts to.  My plan is to blog about my classes, my progress and problems, and just see where it goes.  Maybe other budding belly dancers out there will be interested, and we can share our struggles and advice. 
And what, you may ask, finally galvanized me into action, into starting a blog and actually posting it?  The answer is a frog.  I heard him last night, the first frog of the year.  He was croaking his heart out in our little pond.  Even though it’s still February, even though this has been the coldest winter in decades and just two weeks ago a hard freeze killed our patio plants, this lone frog is out there singing.  To me this means that Spring has yanked up the curtain and is waiting in the wings.  Outside the world is poised to spring into life, so why not me?  That’s as good a reason as any, don’t you think?

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