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Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Thoughts - What I Said I Wouldn't Do

Chocolate mint Girl Scout cookies do not make for a good breakfast.  It is not quite 7 am, still dark outside, and I have already scarfed down about a dozen of them.  I asked James as he was leaving for work, "Please get rid of these!" and he replied that I was doing a good job of that myself. 

Two months ago when I answered the door, the little girl standing there looked so innocent.  I cheerfully signed up for 3 boxes of cookies.  Now she has returned to deliver them.  For a couple of days I forgot about them, because I had the sense to put them in the garage fridge, the one that holds beverages like beer and margarita mix.  How do I get rid of those cookies?  Would it be weird to just stand in front of the grocery store and offer them to strangers?  One time I gave a loaf of white bread to a stranger entering the store.  The bread was a freebie I got for buying something else, and I don't eat white bread.  But the cookies have been opened, so people might be suspicious.  Since the Tylenol thing, the world is more suspicious about opened packages, much less strangers handing them out, even though I'm pretty benign looking.  Plus the Girl Scouts have set up shop outside every retail establishment in town, and it wouldn't look good for me to be horning in on their business by giving out free cookies.  What to do?  This is especially disturbing because I have been SO GOOD for the past several months about my eating habits.  I weigh less now than I have for years, probably decades.  And I want to keep it that way.  (BTW, how I lost the weight--about 10-12 pounds--was not that difficult and would work for anybody.  If interested, let me know.)

Last night I was all set to watch the Oscars, then found out they're not until next Sunday.  I think this year I've seen more of the Best Picture nominees than ever before:  Black Swan, The King's Speech, True Grit, Winter's Bone, The Social Network, and Inception.  I wanted to see 127 Hours, too, but James wasn't keen on the idea.  Too gruesome, he thought, but I love survival stories--people lost on mountainsides for days, people stumbling lost through deserts, and my personal favorite, people who crash land in the jungle and survive on roots and bugs and eventually make it out.  The very best book I've read about survival, and you've probably never heard of it, is Back from Tuichi by Yossi Ginsberg, about four young guys who traveled to Bolivia to hike in the Andes and jungles and, well, I won't give it away--check it out!  Maybe that book holds special appeal to me because I lived in Bolivia for eight years, but still it's a great read. 

Speaking of books, I lugged two boxes of books to Half-Price Books this weekend and got a measly $7.25 for them.  I immediately spent it at the store, plus an additional $1.89 that the $7.25 didn't cover.  I got the complete two-CD set of Swan Lake, reduced from $29.98 to $14.98 to $7.48, to $3.75, which is what I paid.  It makes me wonder why it took so long to sell.  Swan Lake is the most beautiful classical music ever written!  I'm playing it right now.  Plus I bought a paperback mystery by Lee Child.  At the checkout counter, they had a display of a book called The History of Farting.  Makes you wonder.

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