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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Jemileh" Video and Costumes by Bella

Happy first day of June, everyone! 

I haven’t written in a few days (again) because, as mentioned before, I had a perfect storm of duties and obligations coming to a head:  a board meeting, the quarterly newsletter for the humane society, the debut dance at Demo’s.  After all that, I was mentally and physically, well, not exactly exhausted, but darn tired and in dire need of a respite.  So I took a couple of days off after the Demo’s gig and did none of the above.  Then complications arose with the newsletter, and other stuff cropped up, the way they inevitably do. 
So here I am, about six days behind on my blog.  I still have my mind on belly dance.  More specifically, belly dance costumes.  On a belly dance forum I discovered Bella costumes.  Bella is the queen of belly dance couture, it seems.  She makes custom-order costumes that are simply gorgeous.  Mind-bogglingly gorgeous.  If that isn’t a word, it should be.  And, naturally, expensive.  To even look at the costumes on her website you have to register and wait for her to assign you a password.  Apparently she dispenses those sparingly and after a long wait, so I am still waiting.  However, if you google “Bella belly dance costumes,” you can ogle photos of some of her costumes.  There are even websites of people who sell their used Bella costumes, which are snapped up immediately.  You can try to get on THEIR email list, but some of those are closed to any new shoppers.  The used Bellas are usually worn just a few times by big-time professionals.  Check it out. 

 I don’t have much to offer today in the way of a blog.  I spent most of the morning writing another blog, but it’s long and unedited, and I don’t have time to get it print-ready today.  So I will do my usual fall-back:  play a song. 

“Jemileh” is one of the songs I danced to last Wednesday at Demo’s.  The choreography in this video is, of course, different from ours.  I think it’s lovely, though, especially the graceful arms.  I like this girl’s Spanish-flavor costume, too.  This is obviously an amateur event, what with people walking right in front of the camera and so on.  Oh, and in this video, “Jemileh” breaks right into another song, “Geceler” sung by the same guy.  It’s kind of a continuation of “Jemileh,” but we didn’t dance to the “Geceler” part. 


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